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What are the Requirements for a PCAB License ?


The PCAB license requirements are set out in the License Application Form. These requirements are as follows:


1.     Affidavit of Attestation and General Information

1.1.  For Sole Proprietorship:        Certified copy of BTRCP Certificate of Registration with pertinent BTRCP Form No. 16;

1.2.  For Partnership or Corporation:       Certified copy of SEC Certificate of Registration and Articles of Partnership/Incorporation and By-Laws with construction contracting  as one of the purposes and subsequent  amendments thereto, if any;

1.3.  For Cooperative:        Certified copy of CDA Certificate of Registration from Cooperative Development Authority , Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws with construction contracting as one of the purposes and subsequent  amendments thereto, if any;

2.     Authorized Managing Officer (AMO) Nomination:

2.1.  AMO Affidavit with a passport size picture of AMO; For Corporations only: Original Corp. Secretary's certificate as to the nomination of the AMO

2.2.  Original NBI clearance of Filipino AMO; (valid as of the date of filing)

2.3.  If AMO is Non-Filipino (in addition to 2.1):

2.3.1.     Working Visa

2.3.2.     Alien Certificate of Registration

2.3.3.     NBI clearance if AMO has resided in the Philippines for six (6) months or longer if not, equivalent clearance from AMO's home country duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy

For Corporations or Associations with foreign shareholders, the following documents shall be submitted:

a.  Corporate Secretary’s Certification as follows:

1.        List of stockholders showing their nationalities and shareholdings; and

2.       List of Board of Directors showing their names and nationality

b.  Copy of latest General Information Sheet duly filed with SEC showing the names of stockholders and directors, nationality and shareholdings

The percentage control of the number of seats occupied by foreigners in the Board of Directors shall not  exceed 40%



3.     Complete Financial Statements dated within the last six (6) months immediately preceding the filing of application  (duly audited and signed on every page by an Independent CPA with valid Balance Sheet & Income Statement in the prescribed  template to be uploaded by the CIAP-RID in CIAP database. The PCAB Financial Statement Forms A & B are attached.

3.1.  For old companies, audited financial statements for the immediately preceding taxable year copy of  the Quarterly or Annual Income Tax Return certified by the  BIR.

3.2.  Cash :Original copy of Bank Certification/Bank statement of account certified by Bank Manager of cash deposits as of the Balance Sheet date; Note: (Amount in excess of ½ of 1% of the minimum “Cash on Hand” shall be deducted from the networth, If unsupported.)

3.2.1.     Authorization to Depository Bank

3.3.  List of Land and Building/Industrial Plants owned by the applicant and registered in its name

3.3.1.     Certified Copy of Transfer of Certificate of Title (TCT) including back page

3.3.2.     Deed of Sale or Certified Copy of Tax Declaration of Land / Bldg., owned by the applicant

3.4.  List of Construction and/or Transportation/ Delivery Vehicles/ Equipment/ Machineries/Plants owned by the applicant and registered in its name

3.4.1.    Certified Copy by Land Transportation Office (LTO) of Certificate of Registration and Current Official Receipt  of Registration of Construction and/or Transportation/ Delivery Vehicles/Equipment reported. Certified Copy of Deed of Sale or sales invoices/official receipts of other construction equipment/machineries

3.5.  Documents to be submitted if the values of  the applicant's Inventories and Receivables Accounts exceed more than 20% of the contractor’s networth, otherwise, the amount in excess of said account shall be deducted for categorization purposes.

3.5.1.     Schedule of Inventories duly signed by AMO and Certified by the firm’s PRC BOA accredited CPA 

3.5.2.     Schedule of Receivables duly signed by AMO and Certified by the firm’s PRC BOA accredited CPA

For those applying for categories AAA and AA ;  Submit copy/ies of progress billings certified by government project owners  and/or certification under oath of private project owners as to the  remaining balance ofreceivable

4.     Authorization to verify documents from BIR & other agencies  (Page 8 of 19) and/or quarterly income tax return to cover income reported on interim financial statements



5.     List of Sustaining Technical Employee/s - STE supported by the following documents for each STE:

5.1.  STE Affidavit/s ( Page 14 of 19) with recent passport size picture/s

5.2.  Certified Copy by the Professional Regulation Commission of its valid PRC ID or Certification of Good Standing from PRC in the absence valid PRC ID

5.3.  Original NBI Clearance/s of nominated STE/s

5.4.  STE Affidavit/s of Construction Experience

5.5.  Personal Appearance Form duly accomplished and signed by the STE/s appearing before the designated officer of the PCAB or the nearest DTI regional/provincial office

5.6.  Affidavit of No Construction Activity


NB:  Every contractor shall have at least one Sustaining Technical Employee (STE) who has undergone the 40 hour Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) Course for Site Safety Officers (PCAB BR 40 series of 2014). If the onduvidual who underwent the COSH course as required in 8 below is also an STE, the contractor shall be deemed compliant.


6.     Membership with SSS, PHILHEALTH & PAG-IBIG;

7      2-day AMO Seminar to be completed by the AMO himself whether the firm be sole proprietorship or corporate/partnership and the like (PCAB Board Resolution No. 435 series of 2011);

8.     40-hour Safety Seminar (COSH, BOSH with Construction Safety Components) (PCAB Board Resolution No. 518 series of 2011)

·         In the case of a Sole Proprietorship, the Proprietor must personally attend and complete the course;

·         In the case of a juridical entity (corporations & partnerships), the AMO, Senior Management Officer (President, Vice President, Member of the Board, etc.) or Senior Technical Officer (STE with at least 5 years experience and holding the position of at least Project Manager) must personally attend and complete the course.

 9.   E-mail Address



E.1.  Accomplished Affidavit for Firm’s Authorized Representatives (if any);

E.2. Original signature of AMO on each and every page of the application forms including supporting documents;

E.3. Certified documents. In lieu of certified copies, photocopies may be accepted provided original copies are presented for authentication;

E.4.  Self-addressed, self-stamped large brown envelope or a prepaid courier pouch for mailing of license certificate;

E.5. Self-stamped envelopes for verification of supporting documents (one (1) self-stamped envelope per supporting  document);

E.6.   Documentary Stamp Tax for each original or certified true copy of Contractor’s License (Sections 173 and 188 of the Tax Code of 1997 and Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 36-2012);

E.7.  The Board may require the AMO interview and submission of pertinent documents/information other than the above in order to fully determine the qualifications of the applicants; and,

E.8.      AMO Examination (Note: AMO/Applicants for TRADE category may no longer be required to take the AMO examination);


F.1       Application for registration in government projects should be accomplished in PCAB-PAD-ARC-F01 (Application for Registration and Classification of Contractor for Government Infrastructure Projects) which may be filed simultaneously in a separate folder with the PCAB License Application.

Template_for_the_data_entry_of_FINANCIAL_STATEMENT.xls Template_for_the_data_entry_of_FINANCIAL_STATEMENT.xls

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